Soul Order Online:

Register a free game account and get a +10 mount (7 days) for FREE!

How to claim your Super +10 Mount?

1. Registered players can claim the mount through the special event page.

Get it Now! (for registered players) :

2. New register players can directly claim it on successfully registered page, as well as the event

Register to Get it! (for unregistered players) :

3. Only you select a mount, the button "Claim Mount" can be usable. After you claim a mount, you
need to enter the game and talk with NPC Gift Bag Deliver ([872, 326] Maple City; [708, -3248]
Ghost City), and then you will get your mount by in-game mail.

* Every account can claim a mount with +10 enhancement from 4 specified mounts. Each account can
only get once.

* Mount has a 7-day valid time, once over the time, the mount is unavailable.

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