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Thread: [Wizardry Army] WizardryOnline pre-guild that will be the first to DOMINATE the game!

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    Default [Wizardry Army] WizardryOnline pre-guild that will be the first to DOMINATE the game!

    Wizardry Online is an upcoming free to play MMORPG that features permadeath and intense, non-instanced full pvp dungeons. More can be learned about the game if you were to read the editorial on the main site.

    This kind of game is just begging for players to band together and conquer. My goal is to create a symbol of rule in the game from the day of launch. We will flood the game's main channels, and be invulnerable to ganks as we will be traveling in groups of thousands! If the time calls, we will destroy the game's playerbase because by then, our numbers would have risen to millions!

    Right now, I'm the only member. Sign up for our holy crusade at . The forum is one of the best in enjin, with a category for nearly everthing.

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    Game looks interesting.

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    Wizardy Online will definitely be an interesting game. I look forward to it.

    The guild itself has an interesting structure with an emphasis on story, I guess. To sign up to become a Mod (I guess moderator?), you have to provide a lengthy fiction story that is completely original. An interesting concept.

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