Hi guys,

am new on the forum and am looking for some help with a game am developing.

Game Name: Geo-Fighter
Type: Action + Fighting [3D]
PvP: Yes
Story Mode: Yes
Website: [Will Provide]

In this game you are a customizable cubic designed character and belong to a group called "Geo Fighters".

The story behind these Geo-Fighters is that you are robot like organisms who survive on fighting and are led the Five (5) "Geo-Lords" (not yet introduced in the game) and as far as you know so far you're suppose to stop these minion fighters belong to a group called "The Vera-Bots" and you already know they are up to know good... [Don't want to spoil the rest yet]

Anyways, beside the story line you can fight your way to the top in PvP in multiple upcoming maps and modes.

Quick Video:

So in developing this game I need some testers for PvP/Story and Idea inputs if you like. Any help at all is appreciated, feel free to drop by the website and download the game.