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Thread: Eclipse Game Sysytem

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    Default Eclipse Game Sysytem

    I made a game called Post Nuke. Its a 2 D game based on Eclipse Game system. The game is done, and is up and running on my computer. Do you know of any good full time servers that will host my game? So far when I Google it the cheapest is $17 a month. My budget is more like $5 a month. Thnx, GAME ON!

    I really wish there were some awesome server that takes on small games for FREE

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    Depends on the scale of the game. How many people can play it at once, and what kind of bandwidth it needs/uses. I would recommend using your own connection and pc as a server if you can't afford $17 a month. Your not likely to find cheaper than that without entering the equivalent of the back alley of the internet. With that $17 one possibly already in there.

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