This is a new projects focused on browser based games making tutorials.

Here's part of the mission statement
Our mission and sole reason for existence is to nurture a community of developers from beginners to prossionals.
Computer Science is the closest thing we have to a super power and we want to teach you how to fly!
And so it began. Our grand quest to bring in the hands of beginner programmers the tools, tutorials and community they need to start building their very own browser based game from scratch. And provide experienced coders with the resources and environment they require to improve and further develop.
You can read it all here: makingbrowsergames.com/about-mbg/

The sources for tutorials are on GitHub and there's a demo for each and every step.

We've got a lot of feedback on design and logo and stuff like that from specialised websites but what we need even more is feedback on the tutorials and some more member on the forums to get the community started.

We're checking this thread regularly so if you want to post any suggestions or feedback please do so, we'd appreciate it .


Let us know what you think