1. http://www.onrpg.com/boards/forums/6...ess-Promotion?
not sure what is so shameless about promoting,
guessing its a troll.

2. i personally do not prefer to still keep posts/links of shutdown games.

3. hard to dig for games i like
for example: im looking for MMORPG games,
and i have to scroll through all the mobile phone games,
i have to scroll through all the foreign/shutdown games.

one easier way of navigating games would be
further categorizing your games including stars, comments, newest games.
so visitors can just click on stars + MMORPG and it will bring them to
the list MMORPG with most stars to least stars.

premature conclusion:
its always refreshing to see new websites for mmohuts.
but as perhaps the website have just been created,
i have some negative issues on mmohuts
which most importantly is the hardcore way to find
mmos that i might be interested in.
and as such i probably wont be using mmohuts for now.