I stupidly used the Windows Bios Flash Utility for my Asus laptop to update my Bios because I didn't know about using EZ Flash 2. The laptop froze and the update got stuck at 99% for like 2 hours so I took the risk and restarted it. I knew I'm not suppose to power it off but I figured after 2 hours of freezing means there's nothing else can be done.

The laptop starts up but it gives me a black screen as soon as the ASUS logo pops up. I can enter bios just fine after pressing F2 so I know the motherboard didn't brick yet. Luckily, I had a USB with Windows 10 using the media creation tool so I went to bios and booted the USB. I got into the repair windows -> advanced setting and was able to boot Windows using the USB. I restarted the laptop a couple times to see if it's consistent and its noticeably slower. It seems that according to the bios, windows will only boot as long as I set "Windows Boot Manager" as the #1 priority for boot options priority.

I considered resetting my laptop but don't know if that's going to make things worse. I tried to downgrade the bios by uploading the old bios into a USB and replace it through the bios using EZ Flash but it just gave me "Bios build date is too old." I'm at a loss of what to do now.

Asus laptop model - U46SM
Original bios version: 203
New bios version: 401

School is starting in a month and I feel so stupid for even trying to mess with the bios. Ulgh