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Thread: SSD Help!

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    Default SSD Help!

    This is a benchmark that i'm getting for the PNY 480g SSD2SC480G5LC763C121S511 that is maybe 2 years old and you can see that the write speeds are VERY slow. The SSD is about 50% stored, I believe is connected to the right sata and is AHCI enabled.

    I've also got similar speeds on a different benchmark as well.

    Should I just outright buy a new one? If so, which one should I get? My budget is around 500 dollars, and the SSD will be used to store windows along with high end video games.

    I was thinking the Samsung 850 EVO 1TB


    Or the MX 100


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    Use that benchmark, save the result (don't screenshot, save!) and upload that here.
    I suggest doing a couple of varying sizes like 1x 100mb, 4x 1gb and 9x 32gb or whatever fits if it gives you an error message.
    Main reason for this are the IOPS.

    As for recommendations; I hope you can wait for up to a month:

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