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Thread: Berserk Gets New Anime Project!!! Featuring Guts as 'Black Swordsman'

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    Quote Originally Posted by yuniuninuniun View Post
    Yeah I like Berzerk and all but the I really hated the movies. Specifically their animation style. Can't stand the way it looks at all and judging from that promotional image it's more of that shit so I'll likely not watch it.
    i love the movies myself, the first one was soso, the second good, and the grande finale was just awesome

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    The animation for the movie was ok. Was not the worse but could be better. They tried to use 3d cgi with thick lines/shadow to create an anime art type of style. Some part doesn't look right, some would look better. Like the fighting and action looks better. Instead of having a picture of guts sword up with the background moving in a direction making look like he's moving. But during normal scenes of them talking makes it look awkward (the facial expression and etc). They should make it similar to overlord. Mix it into certain scenes only like action scenes so it won't look too awkward (necromancer scenes).

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