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Thread: go to imdb and look up one star reviews for yr favorite movies

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    Default go to imdb and look up one star reviews for yr favorite movies

    there will be blood
    Normally I agree with most of IMDb user votings. But not on this movie.

    The story would have the potential to be an epic. But instead it is boring and depressing. Minutes of silence (hush) combined with most improper and depressing film music I have ever heard. The actors had faces like wax with as good as no emotion. Even the most emotional scenes are lifeless and sometimes the actors face expression seems to make no sense at all.

    The colors and scenes of the film are very bad and leave the impression of a B- or even C-movie.

    This movie is awful, boring, depressing, with no color and really bad music. A waste of time.

    This movie/story is repulsive! Disgusting movie! When I first saw it, I was disgusted. Decades later, I'm disgusted again! I was curious why this movie still gets such high acclaim, so I watched it again. Now, I think I understand why so many claim it's the best movie of all time. Racists! Racists and gangster-minnow-minded would like this movie! They get to bust their chops over the dialogue of this crap movie! No wonder we still have so much hate and violence in our American society! We don't care about others. "We" like or tolerate the savage killing and mutilation of other human beings. Entertainment has to be shocking, brutal, with inconceivable dialogues. The laughter was equally repulsive. It was so many years/decades ago, when I first saw it. And I'm glad to know I still feel the same. For my character, it's a good thing. I still care about people in this world that has found ways to exist without actually communicating with people. We text! We "chat". We Facebook snoop! Are we immune or obsessed?

    toy story
    I found this amusing for about no minutes whatsoever.

    The movie has "franchise" written all over it. Are we ready for the dolls? The Burger King cups? Heck, yes, obviously - let's reduce all imagination to cheap commodities, sell our children on an open market and let business ethics only apply.

    The "story" is soporific, the dialog cliché, the characters banal, the message simpering wimpy crap only suited for a sado-masochist on a hangover.

    Gaudy bit of CGI fluff pretending to be a "children's classic" - only in the dreams of the cynical and the dead.

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    chungking express
    If you are generally accustomed to films with some plot, some meaning, some connection with reality or if you expect a certain similarity between the heroes of the film and real people, you should avoid this film. Actually you should not just avoid it. You must get out there and spread the word. Save humanity from wasting 2 hours from their lives when they could actually learn to whistle or watch teletubbies. When you see this film playing somewhere, destroy the machine playing it, evacuate the area, and burn the whole place down. Seriously, burn it down before it spawns offspring.

    PS: I never thought there would be a reason for me, writing a film review, but I think I am just doing my civic duty here and nothing more.

    I hate to be one of those negative people, but I hate this movie with an incredible fiery passion. I think it's very possibly the most overrated film of all time. I watched it a while back expecting to see something amazing but I was disappointed beyond words. The main character is very possibly the most annoying movie creation of all time. She's really cutesy and pale and she doesn't say anything. She's like a cross between Shirley Temple and a mime. By the end of the movie you just want to reach into the screen and choke her. Beyond that, as far as I can tell, the movie has no point whatsoever. And just for record, I'm not just saying this because I'm an idiot American who can't appreciate French cinema--I actually love French films (my favs are The Girl On The Bridge, La Haine, and Leon: The Professional). But this one just makes me want to pull my hair out. Anyway, I'll certainly attempt to watch it again at some point and give it another chance, but so far I'm at a complete loss as to why this movie is ranked at #18. Feel free to reply and tell me why I'm wrong.

    blade runner
    What a waste of time. 2 hours however long of my life wasted. I watched the directors cut and boy is it boring. Easily the most boring film i've seen since avatar. I personally love sci-fi films whether it be star wars or alien. My favourite book of all time is enders game. The film moves so slowly that I could feel my hair grow faster. There are literally 5 things that happen in the movie. People read way to far in this movie about how it's supposed to be about how the robots were more humans than the people, personally I believe that's a load of poppycock. When the original was released nobody went to see it, the original was cut and given a commentary for a reason, the film was too long, boring and doesn't make much sense. The commentary helped this film so much, it gave it a story and stops the watcher from having to make up some random story to stop themselves dosing off.

    raiders of the lost ark
    Ever since I became a movie fan, my taste for dazzling action has been cultivated by movies from the late 1990s up to the present, such as The Matrix Trilogy, Spider-Man, X-Men, Blade, and the awesome Underworld franchise. Having been used to these movies, my standard is high. If something looks fake, I will think of what Sir Ridley Scott said about fake scenes, "I don't f..king believe it!"

    Today, I finally finished watching the so-called classic, the first instalment of the Indiana Jones franchise. It almost put me to sleep twice. The story is slow-paced, but the problem is the movie never picks up the pace. It drags on and on. The opening scene in the cave with the spiders were interesting. And that's it. Gradually, I began sleep-watching. The movie never engages. There was never a moment when the protagonist was in grave danger. Yeah, he got trapped in a tomb. Whatever... When I woke up, I was not surprised to see that he had managed to get himself out. The movie was that predictable.

    Do not think that I cannot appreciate old movies. I like the 1979 timeless classic, ALIEN. That movie does not look dated at all, even seen today, due to the way it was shot.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark is god awful. It looks dated. So is Star Wars (1977).
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