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Thread: Is my graphics card broken?

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    Default Is my graphics card broken?

    I have a r9 280x. One day, while my wife is playing a game with it, suddenly, there was a vertical black/white screen tearing. She booted up the PC and the monitor no longer detects the graphics card.

    I pulled out the 280x, plug my hdmi into mb graphics and worked just fine.

    I plugged in another graphics card (r9 480), it worked just fine.

    I also tested the r9 280x into another PC. Same response, monitor doesnt detect.

    RIP 280x?

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    That's a pretty conclusive test.

    Logic > take plug from monitor plug to different card/integrated > work? > yes = monitor works.

    Logic > Put card that appears to not work in a different computer > work? > no = 99% something is broken.

    Does the card have fans? could test for that, does the card have any apparent burnt mark? Does the card smell burnt? Does the card have lights? If yes, does the card lights come on when the computer turn on? Does the bios give out any error code? (things like beeps or led numbers and etc.)

    Now what's broken on the card is a different test. Could be the gpu, power on it, circuit, and many numbers of other things.

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