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Thread: Avoid Black Dessert

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    This is simply an opinion. While he states like 2 facts, that don't bother much people.

    And the game is FAR from P2W. MAYBE the gillie suit is a little OP .. But ..What else do you buy that makes you OP? .. Nothing.

    I play, and will continue to play .. I even play casually and still do just fine, just got my awakening for warrior (actually kind of boring lol)

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    Avoiding isn't the answer the best solution is just enjoy what you bought.
    This game is very good with so many things to do, it is a ball of fun alone or better still join a guild, if you can not see anything in this game to do or enjoy, there is something wrong .
    My only pet hate is non collision of players, if it were implemented that collision was a force, then players would follow there own paths & divert instead of just ride straight through you like your a ghost. Apart from that.
    GET BACK IN THE GAME & get your money's worth.

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