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Thread: [Upcoming] Big 3 Android Games Set to Invade Southeast Asia!

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    Exclamation [Upcoming] Big 3 Android Games Set to Invade Southeast Asia!

    Good Day Everyone!
    I would just like to share these 3 games that will be released on the Play Store exclusively on the SouthEast Asia Region.

    These 3 games will be available on Android and iOS for their priority for now is to release on Android devices.

    The first game is called "Next Exit"
    It is a Simple Platformer game that will definitely test your Patience throughout succeeding the levels up to 100. This game is also perfect for streaming and it also has an in-game feature of recording the gameplay with face cam. You can also create your own stages that you can use to challenge other players.

    The second game would be "Joy Planet"
    It is just like a ripoff of the game "Candy Crush" but it has some differences with the Candy Crush, it has more feature than the Candy Crush because on Joy Planet you can build your own "Planet." Im not sure what kind "build" they are talking about but it seems interesting because you're not just gonna play some puzzles, you can also interact with your friends and boast your creations.

    and the third one is for me I'm most excited about, "Velator"

    This game is absolutely jaw dropping when it comes to graphics, and I played the international version of this, the game looks awesome. The game doesn't run full auto but it has a function where you can use "Auto-Skill." but thats it, the rest you need to control your Heroes, form strategic movements within a specific dungeons and more. This game also boasts "Not Pay To Win System." Where players can be as good as the paying players if they are blessed with "RNGod". It has "NO VIP SYSTEM." that I myself hates so much.

    Im going to provide the Facebook pages of all of these three games. Like or follow them for more announcements.

    Hope we can play this together!




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    Theres nothing, what I would play. But thx for ad?

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