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Thread: Lands of Lords - a free-to-play medieval persistent MMO

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    Thumbs up Lands of Lords - a free-to-play medieval persistent MMO

    Hello everyone!

    I thought I bring this game to your attention!

    Lands of Lords (www.landsoflords.com) is a free-to-play medieval persistent world, which gives freedom to players to choose their own playstyle. Start with a small domain and become emperor of the world. The game is not scripted, so you can choose what tools you use to become rich and powerful. Trading, military or politics all this is possible to leave your mark in the world of Lands and Lords. Be warned every decision you make can effect, not just your domain, but also the course of the whole world!

    Features of the game:
    - Unscripted world, there are no missions or campaigns. You decide how you want to play.
    - Start from a small domain, build up your economy and army, gather friends, and together establish the most powerful empire in the game.
    - Complex economy system with huge variaty of goods to produce and trade with.
    - Open world game, choose which continent you want to settle on. Each continent has its own advantages and disadvantages.
    - The game constantly improves and changes, new features are released regularly.
    - A friendly and helpful community is ready to welcome you in the world of Lands and Lords roleplaying.
    - Supports every major browser and device.
    - Easy to learn, hard to master.
    - Free to play.

    Register at: www.landsoflords.com

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    I think Queen Evidian summed it up nicely on her Imgur post about the game today:


    Here is my first real post on imgur after reading all of your posts each night. And day. And working days :o

    I'd like to advertise about a nice brower game I have been playing for 5 years now. The actual version is the fourth one, and was released in october 2016.
    The world is then one year old now, and keep changing each months with new updates.
    I won't lie and tell you this game is perfect. It's trying and meant to evolve all the time, to better suit the community, his creator views, and yes, each change cannot please everyone. But hey, we all can adapt !

    So about the game itself. I'll just copy what a friend already wrote, since english is not my primary language, it's a bit easier this way.

    It is a unique blend of Roleplaying/Politics/City-building/Warfare

    Although war is not that common because of the politics and cost. It takes a long time to build an amazing city. I don't just mean you get a static image and level up buildings either.

    You develop every tile in the domain, and the creativity it allows is amazing.

    Just look around the map, you'll find thousands of amazing unique places, amid all the failed ruins of dead players.
    Something definitely happened here:https://www.landsoflords.com/map/02209W23247N

    Some strange red trees, is that a lonely weirwood protected by a wall:

    And maybe the capital city of the Empire of the Tetra continent:

    You get up to three characters (if one dies, you get a replacement) and they travel in the world just like normal units. Communication is done via talking to others at your location, sending letters, writing tickets (characters stories, documents, announcements.) and most Kingdoms utilize discord.

    I won't try to tell you to avoid some groups (that I don't really like, hey, we makes enemies in this game !), just find the type of game you like, and you will find the right players to be with. Finding a good Kingdom on Tetra or Terra Media is the way to go. Just about everyone there welcomes you with open arms and is willing to teach you the ropes. Just be careful of plopping down inside someone's land or they might get angry.

    My advice is to not worry about what you build in the first week or two. Just focus on trying to find a Kingdom and community and learn everything you can. No doubt some King or Queen somewhere can set you up with a massive head start if you convince them you are worth it. Roleplaying and establishing connections will reward you massively and much faster than hard work and perfect domain management would. At least for the first few months.

    If this sounds a bit like an Add, maybe it is because it is a bit. Looking for some new people to join my Kingdom, and get some new people to play with. Although I'd be happy to help anyone, even if they planned on joining some other Realm or even starting their own. Just pm me

    The point here is, the game is actually challenging. Many new players fails to take the time to understand the game and just leave after a week ... But we need new blood ! You can choose to be a builder, a role player, a warmonger, a politicien, an economist (ruining all the markets). I honnestly think that once you are on the right tracks, you can fit whatever you want to play and do.

    A few words more, it is a french game at first.
    But ... that was before
    It's fully translated in spanish, italian, german and english. We have players of many nationalities. Some play in their own community (let's look at a kingdom named Hispania), most of the groups and kingdoms don't care about where you come from, and english is the most used langage, even if I must admit, some of us really are bad at it We manage to understand each other all the time, so, who cares.
    Not much to add. Here is an abandoned castle by a river:

    If you want to look at it ingame and explore the area: https://www.landsoflords.com/map/03287W16842N
    (Don't need to sign up, zoom in and click on any spot of the map to zoom in to see the local tile. Click map button again to get back to the map.)

    Zoom out really far to see the major Kingdoms/Empires and largest vassals of them. Each zoom level shows appropriately sized domains. (According to population)

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