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Thread: New MMORPG "Orake" FREE on Steam (Reminds me of Runescape Classic)

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    Thumbs up New MMORPG "Orake" FREE on Steam (Reminds me of Runescape Classic)

    Hey guys, Just wanted to submit a new mmorpg I've been playing a lot of, and thought you might like it. It's like runescape classic, and its free on steam. Theirs PvP, questing, skilling, and a player based economy.

    Their website is Give it a shot and come play with us! Awesome community, join the discord! Also if anyone plays from reading this, find me in game and I'll help you with some starter cash. -Ohmattic

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    Looks like it was made in RPG maker .. I was born in the 80's .. But .. I just can't play these pix-elated games ..

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