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Thread: Dissida: FF Opera Omnia

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    Default Dissida: FF Opera Omnia

    Let me start of by saying WOW the amount of nostalgia i get from playing this is amazing, Feels like i am playing final fantasy 8 but with friends. They are giving a total of about 50k gems(10k gems is about 80$) and this is the global release.
    i thought they would make pay to win but for the time being they have funded me 100% and i am free to play(have not spent a penny as of yet)
    In this game there are currently about 30 playable characters you unlock by playing story (except for event characters which in this case it would be SQUALL) then you make a party of 3, and clear chapters, In these chapters you farm/grind for exp as well as items to upgrade your characters equips. There are events where you get gems just for talking to an NPC(might even recruit the npc/new char). This is by far my favorite mobile game also adding friends and playing with them at no COST is amazing, Yes that is right you do not have to wait 1minute for one energy or any of that bs, and the best part of all is...THERE IS MATCHMAKING, People can also follow you if they see you worthy of helping them in battle, (follow allows them to add you to their group they wont be your friend untill you follow back)

    Honestly guys try this one out by far my go to game. Remember Squall event going on 11 days left, you also get 10k gems for completing chapter 1.

    if anyone plays please respond here this is my character ID and my character stats =)

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