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Thread: Spellsworn Early Access Key Giveaway [Announcement]

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    Default Spellsworn Early Access Key Giveaway [Announcement]

    We've partnered with Frogsong Studios to offer early access to Spellsworn on Steam!

    Go here to grab your free early access key.
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    Thanks for the Giveaway.
    I did find it difficult to grab this key, at first I received a message stating that "many, many keys have been claimed from your IP" which I found a bit weird, (I joined your site today and had never logged in here before or claimed anything..). I browsed the site and found this thread and tried via your link here and this time it worked for me, - I noticed the log in was of a different appearance when I tried from your link.
    captcha from main page link -
    catcha from your link -
    I`m posting this just as a heads up in case its due to an error, Thanks again.

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