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Thread: Stash - mmo with turn based combat, great community, & the charm of your gaming group

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    Default Stash - mmo with turn based combat, great community, & the charm of your gaming group

    Stash is an MMO with turn based grid combat, custom housing, a tabletop art style, and more loot than you can fit in a portable hole. Stash has the charm of a pen-and-paper gaming group with the gameplay of a deep, interesting, unique RPG.

    Stash is set in the fantasy world of Primordiax - a game world featured in 6 previous games by Frogdice released over the last 20 years. The intriguing world story has evolved through decades of staff plot lines and the actions of hundreds of thousands of players.

    Stash's core features include:
    • Turn based combat on a tactical grid.
    • Great Community: The most incredible thing about Frogdice and all of our games is the community. Our players are a major reason our games are so special and their passion and love for our game world is part of a sacred trust we cherish.
    • Housing as a core feature. Your Base of Operations (BOO) starts as a humble bedroll and can be built and customized into a mighty fortress where you stash your loot.
    • Dungeons: Shared world dungeons and private instanced dungeons for your dungeon crawling cravings.
    • Crafting: Use, sell, trade. You can be a full time crafter or merchant.
    • Exploration: A huge world for you to discover with hundreds of unique locations.
    • Awesome world story with a unique twist. Players affect this story and the entire world profoundly. Our staff runs world events and plot lines.
    • Clans: Join with friends and compete for dominance.
    • Loot: Tons and tons of loot, and with rare exceptions we donít do bind on pickup/equip.

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    I love the artstyle! How many people worked on the project?

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    Default re

    Sounds good got a link?

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