There has been some great discussion in this thread about ways to help OnRPG/MMOHuts forums thrive again, and I'd like to open up the discussion on some of these topics.

In this case, let's talk about forum restructuring!


Currently, the forums are structured thusly:

OnRPG and MMOHuts Forum Hub
- OnRPG and MMOHuts Featured Content
- MMORPG Giveaways and Contests

Gaming Discussion Boards
- Free and P2P MMO and MMORPG Hub

The "Lounge"
- The Lounge
-- Graphic Shop
-- Game Development
-- Tech Corner
-- Animation Nation
-- Newbie Zone

Feedback and Promos
- Shameless Promotion
- Suggestions and Feedback

Issues I feel that need to be addressed:
  • Although we have "Gaming Discussion Boards," there's only one board for MMOs. I think we need new boards. What categories would you like to see? Mobile gaming? Retro? Tabletop? Board/physical card games?
  • The Lounge is full of a bunch of sub forums but again it's the only main forum. I think we need to separate and consolidate. Newbie Zone & Graphic Shop can go, and be incorporated in the general Lounge. Game Development, Tech Corner, and Animation Nation can become their own forums outside the lounge, and get more traffic.
  • There used to be a key request forum for users. I'd like to make the giveaways & Contests forum open for verified users to give away keys, etc, in the same place.

I'm listening and would love to hear your suggestions, ideas, etc.