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Thread: Old School RuneScape (Andriod , iOS )

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    Exclamation Old School RuneScape (Andriod , iOS )

    I'm letting everyone know with a phone out there that you can play classic-updated RuneScape and its for your phone. It has a members server and like 40 other serious PVP servers and other trading servers ect ect (360 servers in total) Their are servers and classes you can take, some servers offer PVP everywhere in the game, and a lot of different ways to approach that as well (Deadmans club + other roles you take) I'd say its the best MMO game for your iOS or android by a long stretch, grinding in the game is actually fun and worth the time invested. It has something for anyone who wants adventure / serious PVP'ing / tradeskills crafting. I don't think a game is out that's as rich in storymode questing and pvp (threats and reword). It's an actual adventure, and if you played RuneScape before RN is the time to come back to the game. It's quite unique as far as MMORPGs go and I've played many. I had a month of WoW this month, and I can't seem to get off my phone. Like I said its for any type of player Hardcore PVP at like 6-7 different ways and degrees. Or questing and having a true authentic adventure.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, you can play this game on your computer too. It's merge servers of phone + PC's. Don't miss the chance to check this out. I mean, its the adventure that keeps giving. It offers a lot of things that WoW doesn't offer. (It's a entirely different game is what I mean to most mmorpgs.) The only thing like it is Ultima online and I think this version of RuneScape does trump the whole ultima online experience. But then again its a entirely different game. I hope it gets the players needed to get this to be a big deal. I'd like to see maybe them make more updates for this version if players are paying for memberships (11.99CAD)

    Theirs also private servers of even older versions of RuneScape that are completely free if anyone is into that.

    Top 5 MMORPGS in my mind have been changed because of how indepth the entire game is. Ultima online, Tibia, WoW. I'd think that their all taking a backseat to this version of such a classic and impressive adventure type of game. Really brings the kid out in you, although this is an adult game.

    Any information can be found here :

    You'll find their making a lot of updates mainly with items and armor

    I can be found by the username : takeone101
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