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Thread: Oxygen Not Included Launching

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    Default Oxygen Not Included Launching


    Any other fans of ONI? I've been following it since it first hit early access, and it's come a loooooong way. This is an example of how Early Access should work, though. It's great to finally see the game hit full launch, and I hope Klei has continued success with it.

    Also looking forward to trying out Klei's new card battler.

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    never tried oni but im a huge fan of KLEI's dont starve ;p
    might check this out

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    If you enjoy colony survival sims, like Dwarf Fortress or Rimworld, ONI is, imo, a must have.

    I love some Don't Starve Together, too, even if I'm not the best at it xD My Fiancee and I usually make it through the first winter, and then some shit happens and we give up xD

    To be entirely honest, I think Klei is one of the best sub-AAA studios out there. Eventually I want to try "Floor is Lava" their VR game.

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