Astellia Online is not out yet, and is in fact, in its limited-time Closed Beta 2 test. Astellia Online definitely does a great deal with its engine, having character classes, advanced classes, and of course the Astels themselves, which also have classes/help you in battle. We did a livestream of the game yesterday, and I have to say, Iím very curious about this MMO, which hasnít happened outside of Final Fantasy XIV in a very long time.
The article and stream VOD can be found here.

Now, I can see why people would be apprehensive. Let's just remember the Bless debacle of 2018/2019. As a buy-to-play with a cash shop, I can understand it. But there are plenty of MMOs that do it just fine, and as long as the western team keeps true to "no pay to win", I am hopeful for Astellia Online.