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Thread: AetherBound Developer Drakore Runs Scam on Zeal Game

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    Default AetherBound Developer Drakore Runs Scam on Zeal Game


    This was fascinating to me. How this guy isn't in jail is beyond me. But watch out for Drakore studios and stay away from AetherBound.

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    I feel the need to point out that Zeal is not the culprit in this. They are the victims. (Because I've seen some people TLDR, see Zeal, and think that Zeal's devs did the scamming.)

    AetherBound, however, is a Drakore company production and I doubt we will ever see it again - but if we do, stay away from it, and anything related to Drakore or Mahal.

    I think it goes to show how vulnerable indie devs are, though. Producing a video game is a massive feat that requires countless hours (and funding, if you're hiring anyone to do any of the work). An offer of help, or an investment, is easy bait to take but can land devs later in situations they don't want to be in.

    The real lesson though? Don't do anything without a signed contract and without doing your research. Even if Drakore was a fake company, a contract with it could be enforceable by law to the person who created it, especially under a fraud lawsuit.
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