If you wish to have your account deleted or make a GDPR request, please read below.

Our website privacy statements can be found at these links:


In addition to these, the OnRPG & MMOHuts forums collect the following data on your forum account, should you choose to register one:
  • Username
  • Email Address (as used for registration)
  • IP Addresses Used (Registration & Post Location)
  • Date of Birth (Requested for COPPA compliance)

All other information provided, via profiles, forum posts, group posts, events, or any other forum features, is provided voluntarily by the account owner.

This information is used for the purposes of allowing a person to use a forum account to participate in threads and discussions and is not given to any third parties. If an account chooses to, they may also opt in to receive emails through the forum in their profile settings. This includes the OnRPG/MMOHuts weekly email newsletter, which has its own unsubscribe feature (you may find this at the bottom of any newsletter email.)

You may choose to request a copy of this information per GDPR compliance. You may also choose to request to have your account deleted. If you wish either, you must contact us through the Contact Us form (found at the bottom of the website), or email mmohut@gmail.com from the registered email account. Due to privacy and security concerns, we will not process requests that do not belong to the registered email on the account.

Finally, please be aware that if you are requesting account deletion, all of your forum posts will remain, but they will be set to a generic 'Guest' user with no other identifying information. If you want your posts deleted in addition to your account, please state so in your request. Once your account is deleted, we will not be able to identify any posts made by you as they will no longer be connected to your personal information.