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    Default Forum Rules & Code of Conduct

    The OnRPG and MMOHuts forum is a community of diverse individuals who share a love of video games and “nerd culture.” To keep the community welcoming for individuals of different ages, backgrounds, and experiences, we have the following rules and guidelines in place. By posting on the forum, you agree that you have read and will comply with these rules.

    Code of Conduct

    • No hateful or hurtful conduct. This rule is broad as it encompasses any language intended to demean or dehumanize people of different ethnicities, ages, sexes, genders, sexual orientations, physical condition, mental condition, political affiliation, etc. It includes both the censoring and banning of certain words used most commonly as slurs, as well as a zero-tolerance approach to the support or promotion of hate groups. A violation of this rule may result in a warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban, depending on the individual circumstance.
    • No personal attacks. Do not incite or insult your fellow community members by launching direct or personal attacks against them (no flaming or trolling). This includes, but is not limited to, attacking someone’s grammar, language, or post style. If you do not get along with someone, either ignore them or block them. A violation of this rule will result in a warning; repeated infractions may result in a temporary or permanent ban.
    • Limit swearing and adult content. We do allow the discussion of content that is adult in nature, but it should neither be persistent or explicit. Swearing/cursing should never be directed at another individual. A violation of this rule will result in a warning.
    • Do not circumvent the forum censors. Certain words are censored by the forum software. Do not attempt to circumvent these censors by using special characters, images, etc. If you believe that this is censorship is in error, you can contact the forum staff to suggest a change to the censor.
    • Do not spam. Spamming consists of posting multiple nonsense posts, or posting a quick response to a thread that does not contribute to it in any way. These posts will be moderated and may result in a warning.
    • No plagiarism. Any attempt to post and share copyrighted content as your own is strictly forbidden. This includes writing, art, graphics, music, videos, etc. We do understand and allow you to use clips of game art, etc, with or without attribution (attribution is requested) in your avatar and signature, so long as you do not claim these as your own.
    • Follow sub-forum rules. Additional rules may exist in specific sub-forums, and will be marked and stickied.
    • The forums are English only. We do have a diverse community with members around the world; however, our staff is only capable of moderating in English at this time. You may post in another language if (and only if) you also provide an English translation beside it.
    • Keep conversations on topic. Please keep conversations relevant to the forum topic under which it is posted. If there is no appropriate place for a specific topic, please request one.
    • You may only have one account. Multi-accounting is prohibited and will result in a ban from the forums.

    Self-Promotion & Advertising

    • No solicitation spam. This is the kind of automatic (bot) or semi-automatic (manual) spam that is designed to promote businesses, websites, and services without intention to become a community member. This rule applies both to posts made and to accounts created that fit this profile. Any violation of this rule will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
    • No promotion of gold-selling, account-selling, or other RMT services. These services are usually prohibited by game publishers, etc, and we also believe in fair play. Any violation of this rule will result in a 7 day ban.
    • No affiliate links or referral links. Affiliate/referral links are those which give you a reward when someone uses them or signs up using your code. Posts violating this rule will be deleted. Repeated offenses will be issued a warning.
    • Self promotion is allowed in “Self Promotion” only. You may post any promotion that complies with the above rules. Please keep your promotions to a single thread only. You may have multiple threads if they are about different things: for instance, you can have a separate thread for your YouTube channel and your gaming blog, but you cannot make multiple threads for your YouTube channel.

    Emulators, ROMs, Fan Games, and Game/App Hacks & Cheats

    • Discussion of emulation, emulators, ROMS, and ROM-hacks is allowed. However, there are a few additional rules to consider when participating in such a discussion:
      • Do not encourage people to get an emulated game over a purchased product.
      • Piracy and torrenting is strictly prohibited.

    • Fan-games and abandonware may be discussed and linked to.
    • Posts about emulators, ROMS, fan-games, private servers, and abandonware are made at your own risk. If we are sent a DMCA or other legal request pursuing information represented by you on the forums, we will comply. By posting about these subjects, you agree that the OnRPG/MMOHuts forum will not be held liable.
    • “Hacks” and “Cheats” may not be shared, promoted, or discussed. Specifically, this means any unofficial program, script, bot, hack, modification, etc to software that is unofficial and unauthorized. Such posts will be removed and may result in a warning or ban. “Official” cheats, such as developer-programmed cheat codes, or mods supported and allowed by a game (such as mods for Fallout, Skyrim, MineCraft, etc) may be posted about freely.

    These rules may be changed at any time. Changes to these rules will be posted clearly in the Forum Rules & Announcements hub.

    Moderation & Rule Enforcement

    The enforcement of these rules and guidelines are at the discretion of the moderators and staff. These rules are not all inclusive, and if staff or a moderator asks you to cease a behavior, you must do so.

    If you believe something is in violation of the rules please report it using the “Report Post” icon (a triangle with a !) at the bottom of the post, and it will be handled by one of the forum staff. Please do not engage someone you believe to be in violation of these rules directly. This includes “mini-modding,” which is telling someone that they are in violation of the forum rules.

    We will not discuss actions taken on any other person’s account than your own.

    Rules may be enforced in one of several ways:

    • Notice: A private message explaining moderator action (if any) and education on the rule violated. This does not harm the standing of the account.
    • Warning (Infraction): An official warning against behavior. Multiple warnings of the same type, or an excessive amount of warnings, will result in a temporary or permanent ban.
    • Temporary Ban: A temporary ban from the forum that will prevent you from posting or participating until it has expired. The duration of this ban will depend on the severity of the infractions.
    • Permanent Ban: A permanent ban from the forum. You will not be able to participate in the forums at all.

    Warning and ban appeals may be sent using the Contact Us form or emailing from the email registered to the account.

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