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Thread: Noblesse and Tower of God are getting an anime!

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    Default Noblesse and Tower of God are getting an anime!

    Two of the greatest korean manhwa/webtoon Noblesse, and Tower of God are confirmed to receive a anime adaptation, by japanese studio's! how crazy is that!
    I think we can expect some great things from these 2, especially tower of god has slowly becoming my favorite webtoon with its mysterious setting and how well every single arc is set up. (i just love the powerscaling too in ToG, the MC is insanely strong, yet he could still be crushed like a ant by a lot of people that are thousands of years older which have been living at the top of the tower)
    Noblesse has a great first half of the story as well, after that it gets a bit dull. ToG is still ongoing btw while Noblesse has ended.

    ToG, while its mostly a battle manhwa like noblesse, it is also a lot more. there are certain conditions/rules/games that need to be gone trough in order for a person to go up in the tower and a single floor can be as big as a country. side characters go trough a lot of development, and even disappear/reappear after multiple arcs. this makes them a lot more likable than side characters from other anime which stick around like a sore thumb. it also has one of the most interesting and hate-able antagonists ever lol.

    korean source: http://www.bloter.net/archives/348696
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