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Thread: Your First Tabletop Character

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    Default Your First Tabletop Character

    Tell us a little about your first tabletop RPG character!

    Mine was pretty shameful looking back. I got force-pulled into a new DND session with people I mostly didn't know, and I was nervous as hell. So I took a character of mine at the time that was half-demon, and made her into a crazy druid with a bear. Said druid was very, very pacifist. First she tried to go to the woods alone, where there were probably lots of bloodthirsty orcs, and then when she caught up with the rest of the party, she got mad at them for fighting rather than doing her job as a healer. It was funny, but more like awkward haha funny and I probably made the rest of the party pretty grumpy about things. Pro-tip: don't throw someone into a DnD game when they have literally never experienced any of it and express that they just want to watch/observe first.
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    I was around 8, playing the D&D Redbox with a friend. I think my character was the elf. I'm pretty sure I decided he was a vegetarian or something. I honestly don't remember a whole lot, except thinking the pictures in the Fiend Folio were awesome. There was no demi-gorgon in our game, though.

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    My first RPG character was The Gentle Giant and I was 18 years old. It was fantastic and exciting

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