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Thread: Creative Corner Guidelines

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    Default Creative Corner Guidelines

    We want creative corner to be a positive space. To that end, please keep these following things in mind:

    • Please let others know if you do or don't want comments/critique.
    • If you offer critique, make sure it is constructive criticism.
    • Don't claim others' artwork as your own.
    • If you've made art using references or stock, please credit them.
    • Please also use the "Prefix" system:
      • "Original Art" is art you've created
      • "Fan Art" is for art you've created that is fan art of another creative work (games, shows, etc) - and should go in the "Fan Art" subforum
      • "Screenshots" is for screenshots you've taken -and should go in the "Screenshots" subforum
      • "Art Appreciation" is sharing art that does not belong to you. Make sure to give credit!

    A guide to giving and receiving criticism will be coming in the future.

    If you're not sure who a piece belongs to, you can use Google Image Search to attempt to locate the original artist:

    Go to
    Click Search by image.

    From here you may either upload an image from your computer, or enter a URL.

    For more in depth instructions on using Google Images to reverse search an image, check here.
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