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Thread: Monster hunter 4 Ultimate HD V2.5

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    Default Monster hunter 4 Ultimate HD V2.5

    What started out as a simple playtrough of MH4U quickly became a giant upscale project i undertook pretty much all by myself. at some point i got a lot of help for the monsters by someone on the MH4U citra discord, where i also got lots of tips for upscaling textures. with just some basic knowledge of ESRGAN and its IEU tool i was able to create some amazing results, all thanks to Citra's texture dump/load feature.

    In this post ill share my work for those who are interested in playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in HD on PC (with Citra emulator). Note that i do NOT provide the game itself or anything illegal. i strongly recommend looking up a tutorial on how to extract your cardridge from your 3ds on PC, it became reasonably easy to do so. you'll need the game and the 1.1 patch on pc and then patch the game using citra.

    Download link and instructions:

    playlist for seeing the mod in action on optimal settings:

    latest images:

    pretty much 100% of the game is done now (ok maybe 99%)
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