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Thread: Our game in development Wild Terra 2: New Lands. Open world MMO.

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    Red face Our game in development Wild Terra 2: New Lands. Open world MMO.

    Wild Terra 2: New Lands. MMO in pre-alpha stage of dev. Medieval Open world where you can build, hunt, fish, and to do many specialties. Available on Steam.

    Hello guys! My name is Javi and I wish to show up our lastest proyect in development. In Wild Terra 2: New Lands you start as an original man or woman who must survive exposed to a hostile nature but who with effort can become much more. The game offers many possibilities and activities. With a advanced system of crafts with quality, the use of tools and industrial buildings. Mining, construction and much other skills.

    Some core features:

    *The game has change of seasons and weather. Calculation of the position of the sun and moon, lunar cycle. Clear weather, cloudy, fog, rain, snow, and storm with thunderstorms. The wind and movement of the characters affect the grass.
    *Biome system. A special system for placing and rendering surfaces, large and small objects of vegetation, resources and any other environmental elements. Rivers, seas, lakes, swamps. Advanced water shaders.
    *Variety of animals. Monsters, and bosses. Artificial Intelligence. Peaceful, neutral and aggressive behaviors. Mounted animals and pets.
    *Combat system. with melee and ranged attacks, defense. Combat skills.
    *Deep system of craft and building. Mining, construction, husbandry, cooking, fishing, smithing and other skills. Possibility of building houses, campfires, a lof of structures for process material and crafting.
    *Character states. An expanded system of fatigue, hunger, and satiety with different types of food.
    *System of quests with lines. Basic tutorial.

    Recently add fishing, blacksmithing and house building system.

    Character customization and changes over time.
    Change hairstyles, grow a beard and do not overdo it with food, otherwise, you may not fit into your brand new armor.

    Raids and sieges.
    Join groups and create clans. You are waiting for the siege of medieval castles, hunting for huge bosses and adventures in dungeons.

    The game is available on Steam

    Thanks for reading. I hope you take a look on the proyect. ^^

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    Looks good i like the screenshot of the huge snake mob/boss.
    Steam name- SuperNinja705JPS

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    I wonder does this game is focus on harcore PVP MMO?

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    - - - Updated - - -

    We want to bring together the most loyal and those who enjoy this kind of games and who find in Wild Terra 2, all the elements and features that yearn for a survival mmorpg of this style.

    What has been done in the lastest days?

    - We are redoing the system of walkable areas, which will eliminate bugs with stairs, the impossibility of combining foundations, and will open other new possibilities.
    - New containers have been added to craft - a wooden box and a bedside table.
    - Added models of a stockade.
    - Added icons for a bear's head and helmet.

    Implemented a system of passive abilities and bonuses that are unlocked at different skill levels. New abilities are displayed in the Book of Skills, message output is added when a level is received.

    New bonuses and abilities:

    Heavy armor. Main bonus: damage absorption.
    Active ability "Tenacity". Reduces damage taken by half. Turns off running and slows down your movement.
    Passive ability “Spikes”. Reflects some of the absorbed melee damage back to the attacker.
    Passive ability “Blades”. Reflects even more absorbed melee damage back to the attacker.
    Light armor. Main bonus: evasion.
    Passive ability “Dodge pace”. Briefly speeds up the movement after each successful dodge.
    Shields. Main bonus: block.
    Active ability “Rise the shield”.Blocks all damage is taken if it does not ignore protection. Turns off running and slows down your movement.
    Passive ability “Firm hand”. The shield continues to block even in stun.
    Passive ability “Flexible arm”. The shield continues to block even from rear attacks.
    Passive ability “Blunt stun”. Chance to stun a target with usual hits.
    Passive ability "Insidious blows". Hits from the back increase the chance to deal critical damage.
    Passive ability "Axe wounds". Critical hits cause bleeding.

    Gathering, Skinning, Lumberjacking, Mining, Survival, Carpentry, Masonry, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Healing, Alchemy.
    Passive abilities that increase the number of received resources of a certain skill.
    Passive abilities that allow you to get some resources, even with unsuccessful mining.
    Passive abilities that accelerate the process of extracting resources of a certain skill.
    Passive abilities that additionally increase the number of received resources of a certain skill.
    Passive abilities that allow you to gain experience at failure for Carpentry, Masonry, Blacksmithing.
    Passive abilities that increase the lower limit of the quality of items for Carpentry, Masonry, Blacksmithing.

    The list of active and passive skills will increase, unique features for each skill will be added!

    Exotic items that can be created using extremely rare ingredients have been added. When you create it, you will also get significantly more experience.
    - Bow Dark night. Increased attack speed. For crafting, wood from the Cursed souls grove is required.
    - Blunt Poison strike. Chance to poison target when hit. To create, you will need a necromancer bone from the Hidden Laboratory.
    - Helmet Fangs of Infection. Chance to poison an attacker. To create, you will need an infected bear's head from the Abandoned church.
    - Axe Anathema. Chance to inflict bleeding on hit. To create, you need a casting shape from the Abandoned church.

    Added rewards:

    Hero Pack. Legendary mount Dragon, legendary pet Lion, the legendary helmet of the Hero, noble attire.
    Conqueror Pack. Epic mount Cerberus, epic pet Spider, the epic helmet of the Conqueror, noble attire.

    Check our last video gameplay
    Wild Terra 2. #STAYHOME pack video demonstration. Play now!

    Get Stay home pack and support the project

    Take care of yourself and loved ones, respect other people. Do not leave home for no good reason. Use a mask and antiseptic. Wash your hands and face thoroughly. And to spend time more interesting and fun - play Wild Terra 2: New Lands.

    Influence what the game will become in the future! Along with the pack, you get access to the private Discord chat to discuss the game, polls and communicate with other players and developers. Join our Discord.

    - - - Updated - - -

    You can do a lot of activities to move forward in the game and evolve like: Mining, construction, husbandry, cooking, fishing, smithing and more. Also you can capture a territory to star to build your base and fill it with, campfires, build different kind of houses a lof of structures for processing of diferent material and crafting and even castle bases in the future.

    The game has change of seasons and weather. Calculation of the position of the sun and moon, lunar cycle. Clear weather, cloudy, fog, rain, snow, and storm with thunderstorms. The wind and movement of the characters affect the grass. The seasons affects it's not only graphics, it will directly impact the game, there may be forest fires, and youmust have to be careful in case of thunderstorms, not wear iron weapons or a lightning can hit you. For fishing you you could have more luck on a clear day.

    Here is a video to that shows the house building, material processing and finishng.

    Everyone will find an occupation and be whatever you want: world explorer, a fisherman, hunter, craft different armors and weapos for your team, home decorating, fights on raids, dungeons, castle sieges and control of territory, combat system with melee and ranged attacks, defense and a variety of skills.

    Each patch adds to the game new content that extends basic gameplay and makes it more vivid and more varied. We workd hard to provide our players with new content every week.

    The Graveyard territory has been completely redesigned (red zone in the screenshot), Abandoned sawmill (yellow zone), Mines (orange zone), and access to the sea for building ships will also be added. It will be possible to build your dominium in the green zone.

    The Graveyard

    What has already been done?

    - Starting island and Continent with unique locations: forests, cemetery, abandoned mines, church, an old sawmill, and others.
    - A new continent has been added to the game in addition to the home island, where you will find the swamps, where you can test your skills against new creatures.
    - Construction of houses and other structures for survival and production.
    - New structures have been added, such as hand mills, mortars and much more.
    - A lot of materials for a variety of crafting (tools, equipment from hides, leather, metals, etc.).
    - Apple trees and wild cereals have appeared, also new recipes available.
    - Over 70 quests (tutorial, construction, hunting, cooking, crafting items, etc.).
    - The behavior of animals and monsters in the Cemetery and the Abandoned Church dungeon has been improved. to make it easier the hunt mechanics.
    - 16 animals and monsters for hunting, including bosses.
    - PvP and PvE. Fight against other players and team up to fight bosses.-
    - Fishing, mounts and pets.
    - Change of daytime, weather and seasons.

    The game is being made thanks to the support of the community, without investors or publishers. We will make the game exactly as we and the community wish.
    Thanks to everyone who supports the project and takes part in testing. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to identify many things that we need to improve and develop. Also, we will significantly speed up your gained experience on the next test.

    We added a new solo dungeon to the game, a labyrinth with many corridors and the main room. Now you can go to a dungeon alone. A dungeon always has a master, and you can invite a group of players to your dungeon if you are the leader.

    There is opportunity to skip the initial tutorial missions, and on the coasts, there are ships to travel between Starting Island and the main Continent.

    New monsters have been added: large and small Stone Golems, as well as the boss - three huge Stone Guards with different types of attacks.

    By purchasing a Wild Terra 2 pack, in addition to access to testing, coolest mounts and other rewards, you get access to closed channels and voting on Discord, which directly affects the development of the game. In our cozy chat, you can chat with developers and other players who supported the project, propose a new idea and discuss existing ones. Access to closed chats is also available to invited friends.

    We got a lot of ideas to improve the game. Vote on Discord for the options that you most want to see in the near future:
    0. Exotic recipes giving a large amount of experience and high-quality results, but requiring rare ingredients from dangerous places and dungeons.
    1. Level up of pets with characteristics update and bonus effects for a pet owner.
    2. Passive combat and peaceful abilities that unlock at certain skill levels.
    3. Additional bonuses that depend on the skill level.
    4. Display of fuel and recipes in production structures.
    5. Updated fishing interface, new types of fish and places for fishing.
    6. Updated chat: channel tabs, hiding chat on the screen, etc.
    7. Sorting items in inventory and containers.
    8. Favorite recipes in a separate tab, and navigation on materials in recipes.
    9. Highlighting new abilities, new items in inventory, new unlocked recipes in the craft book.
    10. Comparison of an item with an equipped item.

    Thanks to everyone who supports the project and takes part in testing. If you may want to have detail info, chat with devs and players join us on Discord:
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    Hello friends, I'd want to show you the progress of our game in development Wild Terra 2: New Lands.

    - Added 14 parts for the construction of wooden houses, canopies and towers. Now you can also arrange the parts of the foundation close to each other and build several floors! A lot of freedom to build different houses

    - A pillar with a lantern was added to the buildings to illuminate the territory.

    - Books for different skills have been added to godsends (They appear on the map and grant different items, such as armor, skill books, ammunition, materials). When using a book, you'll gain the experience points of the corresponding skill.

    The game is going very well and this is just the beginning of everything this great game will contain to offer its players.

    Join us in this experience, share your opinions with us on our Discord and help us create a dream game with us.

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    The next phase of testing will be available on June. Access to Settel pack owners.

    Settler pack rewards added! A rare unique Hippo mount, Owl pet and mask-helmet.

    Working on the skill of catching and taming animals to improve taming proficiency. Also we continue to keep improving synchronization of animals and directions of the cardinal points are added to the minimap.

    Added a new set of hardened leather armor.

    Two crypts and a necromancer basement are available for exploration at the Graveyard.
    Hardened leather armor, as well as all materials and processes for crafting it.

    Two new exotic weapons:
    Punishment Sword. To create it you need Etched Steel (created from Steel and Caustic Slime, which can be obtained from monsters on swamps). The fur braid of the handle is created from a hardened leather and a bear hide.
    Sizzling Dagger. To create it, Magmatic metal is required (created from rare Magmatic ore, it can be obtained from Large deposits of coal, as well as from golems in a cave). The heat-resistant hilt is made of heat-resistant wood, which can be obtained from Oak in a thicket.

    Thanks so much for reading and follow whats new

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    Pets in the World of Wild Terra

    In this part we will tell you more about the taming and leveling of pets, bonuses, as well as whether it is planned in a finished form.

    The skill "Taming" has been added, which will be level up when catching and feeding animals. You can tame ordinary and aggressive animals (aggressive ones must first be weakened). Added several types of snares of different levels for animals to slow them down for ease of capture. After the capture, an animal needs to be periodically fed (to bring down the level of fear) until it recognizes you as the owner. After that, it can be summoned and leveling.

    Catching and taming

    To catch your future pet, you need to throw a snare to an animal and slow it down (large animals will need to be pre-loosened). The caught animal has the “Fear Level” parameter, and in order for the future pet to recognize you as its master, it is necessary to care and periodically feed it. For the successful catching and taming, the level of skill “Taming” is also important.

    Leveling and bonuses

    Has your pet already recognized you as owner? Great, it's time to start training him. Take it with you and while you are fighting, it is level-up along with you. Pets will have a number of their own features, characteristics and abilities, as well as some bonuses for the owner - all this will be unlocked with an increase the level of the pet. Some of the bonuses will be random, and it is possible to get extremely rare sets of features (and when breeding a new individual, features inherent in its nature will also depend on its parents, and the influence of chance will be less.

    Breeding and exchange

    All pets will also be divided by gender. Put two pets with different sexes of the same species in a pen, and after a while you can get a new pet. The characteristics of the resulting pet will depend on the characteristics of its parents, but some of the abilities will still remain random.

    The next level of dominium - Stone Dominium has been added to the game. It has a large storage capacity and an increased adjacent area for construction.

    Work is underway to rework Starting Island and filling the new continent, adding new locations, villages, as well as other interesting places and farming zones.

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    Hello friends, thanks so much for your comments ^^

    I hope everyone is having a good time! If you are looking what to play this quarantine give a try to Wild Terra 2, free trial period from June 9th to 14.

    I'm pleased to announce that Closed Beta is coming soon to Wild Terra! Will launch a free trial period, it will start on June 9th at 5:00 pm UTC. Test Wild Terra 2 for FREE. June 9 - 14.

    Add the game to your wish list and subscribe, to not miss:

    During the free period, we want to test the load on the servers. Remember hat the game is under development, and you may find some errors or problems. You can inform about it on discord:

    Support the project and get special bonuses! Settler, Conqueror, and Hero pack owners will have access:

    - Access to the closed Beta from June 5th, four days before the rest.
    - Play after the free period ALL SUMMER!After the end of the free period, your progress will continue.
    - Access to all next stages of testing.The full version of the game after its release on Steam.
    - Access to a private chat on Discord, where we discuss ideas, plans, and arrange polls that influence further development.
    - Unique pets.
    - Special mounts.
    - Unique helmets.
    - Many other rewards, depending on the pack.

    Get an access pack and support Wild Terra 2 if you like the game.

    Don't miss the chance to try Wild Terra 2 Online for free.
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    Hello friends! Closed BETA NOW LIVE! Play for free from Today 16th to June 22th.

    Welcome to our Discord: Chat with the developers of Wild Terra 2 and discuss the game with other players

    I want to remind you that you guys can try now Wild Terra 2 for free from June 16th to 22th, and also, if you want to support the development of the game, you can continue to play during the summer. However, keep in mind that the game is under development and there may be interruptions in testing and wipes.

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    1. Add the game to your wish list:

    2. Go to the festival page to install the Demo:

    Download and play for free until June 22, 10am Pacific.

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    Hello friends!

    Open Testing is over. But you can continue to play.

    About 10,000 players took part in open testing, helped to find bugs, and enough new information to improve optimization and fix a number of problems.

    Thank you for your contribution to the testing! What you saw is only the beginning of a large-scale future game. During the summer, we will improve Wild Terra 2 according to your feedback, as well as add a central city with inhabitants and quests, agriculture, cooking, new territories for discovering, and much more!

    What does devs plan to add to Wild Terra 2 before the release on Steam Early Access

    Special attention to the improvement of what is already added to the game (for example, updated combat system, sorting inventory, settings, and much more).

    - The central city of the Mainland with NPCs and quests.
    - New locations on the Mainland.
    - Bags and belts.
    - Agriculture.
    - Cooking.

    - Cartography.
    - Even more new territories on the main Continent, including Port City.
    - Livestock and breeding.
    - Trade (currency and auction).
    - Guilds.

    - Witchcraft skill.
    - One new Continent.
    - Castles and sieges.

    During all period until the release of the game:
    - New types of weapons (crossbows, poles, two-handed, throwing bombs, and more).
    - New buildings, skills, pets, animals, monsters, bosses, equipment, resources, recipes, production buildings, quests.

    Support the proyect if you like the game. Join ous on Discord to be part in the game creation, talk to developers, participate in events and more.

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