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Thread: The Arena (new 2d mmorpg free on microsoft store)

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    Default The Arena (new 2d mmorpg free on microsoft store)

    This game is "The Arena" its a 2d turn based mmorpg completely free to play and there are many features also competitive and pvp.

    Link below you can join using my referal and get some golds ingame, if you dont want it just look for The Arena on microsoft store!

    The Arena

    Still learning how to play but looks very interesting but not many players online actually lets get in people!

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    EDIT: Played 8 hours... Change my opinion. The game has a lot of issues. The only reasonable way to get equipment is through a merchant with a long reset time. Without better equipment you will really struggle with level 2 and beyond... So you get stuck and must rely on timer based RNG at the merchant.

    Capping your stats doesnt seem to help much as well.

    First few hours was fun though...
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