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Thread: Damascus - OSRS Style Pixel Art MMORPG! (Steam May 15th!)

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    Thumbs up Damascus - OSRS Style Pixel Art MMORPG! (Steam May 15th!)

    Damascus is a new Old School Runescape style MMORPG launching on steam May 15th. (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1259000/Damascus/)

    Official Discord: https://discord.gg/G29tVvc

    “Skill” over 19 skills including:

    Health - If your health goes below 0 you die and respawn with all items on your person dropped where you died. Eating food replenishes your health somewhat.

    Defence - This combat skill influences the chance of enemies hitting you. It also decides which armour you can equip.

    Accuracy - This combat skill influences your chance to hit enemies.

    Melee - This is a combat skill where decides which melee weapons you can wield.

    Ranging - This is a combat skill where decides which ranging weapons you can wield.

    Psychic Ability - This is a combat skill where decides which psychic spells you can cast as well as using other psychic abilities.

    Destruction - This skill gives you access to certain spells. They cost destruction points to use which do not replenish over time. To replenish your destruction points you must consume destruction potions which are created at a destruction altar by destroying items.

    Stamina - This skill allows you to run instead of walk for a period of time and also influences your health regen. Running consumes stamina points and stamina points regenerate over time.

    Survival - This skill consists of a variety of activities. They are woodcutting, fishing, cooking and making fires. You cut down trees for logs which are raw materials used for making fires and creating certain items. Fishing gives you raw food which you can then cook. You can cook certain things on a fire, otherwise you use a cooking range.

    Mining - You mine resources which you use in the creation of certain items.

    Mechanics - This lets you make certain ranging and psychic weapons.

    Trading - This influences the prices of items at stores around the world.

    Fletching - This lets you make ranging weapons such as bows and arrows.

    Stealing - This lets you pickpocket certain enemies for gold and steal from different kinds of stalls.

    Metalwork - This lets you create melee armour and weapons.

    Explosives - This lets you create grenades which are a ranging weapon.

    Farming - This lets you grow your own crops and trees around the world.

    Chemistry - This lets you make potions which replenish certain stats as well as giving bonuses to others.

    Guildwork - Here you get contracts to kill certain enemies around the world.

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    there are many old school runescape like mmorpg

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