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Thread: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Screenshots/Videos/mods)

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    Default Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Screenshots/Videos/mods)

    Just sharing some screenshots and videos of my favorite game in the world :3

    the mods i use and recommend:
    - Stracker's Loader
    - Cuter Handler Face Model (Post-Iceborne) aka Make Handler Cuter Again
    - Handler's Custom Guildmarm Costume (Post-Iceborne)
    - Blood efx
    - Youthful Female Face (Post-Iceborne)
    - Extra NPCs in Astera Gathering Hub (Iceborne)
    - Souvenir's Light Pillar
    - MHW Transmog
    - 30% nvidia sharpening trough control pannel or ansel

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