F'NGAMES stands for : Friends 'N Games

The website was created so that old buddies of mine who had similar interest in games could keep in touch.

It is also now for people who have similar interest in games like us, and who also want to play these games with us therefore making you our friends.

We want a big community of people we can conisder friends, and get to know really well.

We will be hosting mostly NcSoft games new and old such as: Lineage2, AION, Dungeon Runners, and Guild Wars. But this will change as time goes on.

We also plan to host an AION: Tower of Eternity guild. So for those interested in joining a guild now for when the Korean or English beta comes out, stop on by.

Right now registration is open to everyone, as we get closer to beta dates of AION we will be closing the door on applying to the guild, so if you sign up early letting us know you want to be in the guild, you atleast hold a spot.

But if you register just to talk, and get a feel of the website, and look around that is ok too.

More than just a guild site, we also post game info on MMOs, similar to what onRPG does, but we host games that we are interested in actually playing and forming guilds, not just random games.

If after reading all of this your still interested, pls stop by.
WARNING: The site is still very young, and under some construction, but it is working. Help F'NGames grow, and even take a bigger part in it. We guarantee you won't regret it.

here is the site: http://fngames.18.forumer.com/index.php?act=idx