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Thread: Kstylers- Egos Bigger than their Shotties

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    Default Kstylers- Egos Bigger than their Shotties

    Ever since the day i learned what k-styling was, i have seen many people saying things such as "ROFL [insert name], i could own you so bad, you are a noob", and "lol, i can beat him easily" and "did you see that shot? i'm so leet". And then when i fight these kinds of people, i kill them after a while, and then they say stuff like "ROFL noob, you got a lucky shot" or "My fingers are too cold, otherwise i'd own you" or "lol, still warming up" (never improves) or, simply and bluntly, "noob" (leaves room). So now the question - do you think that most/many kstylers are just cocky pro wanna be's that think that if they can BF and SS that they think they are "teh shiz"? I say, YES. no doubt at all.

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    "noob" (leaves forum)

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    Yeah once k-styler blamed me from lagging (as He was the only one who had 500ping, apparently he was some asian guy we rest were european... I suppose he was the lagger) I still beat him spray>k-style

    they talk too much :P

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    Regarding Duo's topic statement, I'd have to agree. The most pathetic one I've seen is "My fingers are too cold." That may be true, but c'mon, the whole game? In some cases, a few people may not be lieing, but I think the majority of K-stylers proclaiming this are too "whiny" to actually warm up.

    And I am sick of their ego-tastic behaviour and how they start ranting and raving and insulting you when you beat them in a NON K-style manner. Sad, really. However, there are players out there who are able to accept defeat without whining like a ***** and pat the other player on the back.

    Like a man. :3

    Eh, those are just examples. It doesn't mean that every K-styler is like that, just a lot.

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