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    Default Unused Suggestions/Don't ask for these

    This is simply a list of suggestions that have been made in the past but were not accepted as changes to the site. Please check this list often for updates because this list is meant to help prevent people from repeatedly suggesting the same things. Because once something has been added to this list, there is no point suggesting it because it will not be accepted.


    Arcade Section: This is an MMORPG site for the most part and an arcade section wouldn't fit into the framework of the site.

    Chat Room: OnRPG had a chat room some time ago that no one used. We are not likely to create a new one.

    Custom Titles: This is a privilege reserved for Staff members and contest winners.

    Flame Wars: We have previously had a Flame Wars section, but the entire staff deemed it unnecessary, as did even many of the members. We will not be re-adding the Flame Wars section.


    If you recall a previously suggested item that has not been added to this list already, please PM me about it and I will add it to the list.
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