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Building an empire in the most turbulent of ages is a chore few will take on. But those that can and stand the test of time will be known as the mightiest kings of all time. Thus is the premise behind 1000AD, a browser based empire building title with tons of content, dozens of unique units, and plenty of smash or be smashed decision making.


Different Server/Different Model: Experience 6 very different ways to play 1000AD. Each server plays by its own rules to keep things dynamic and different each time you choose to start from scratch.

Massive Population: With over 2,000,000 accounts registered in the 6 localized languages, you will never be short opponents and allies to conquer and trade with.

Trade or Rob: Work in specializing your production and trade with allies to maximize production, or steal from your foes to speed up construction of your empire.

Real-Time Conquest: Experience browser based RTS in actual real time. Control your troops within the city as you conquer or defend your land.

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