2029 Online: Alpha Test Q&A


As IGG gets closer to the Alpha release of 2029 Online, more fun events have been added to the Alpha release schedule.

2029 Online Preview: Sci-fi RTS on a whole new scale

REVIEW 2029 online is set on an alien planet named Helen Continent. The humans have left the war-devastated Earth, seeking a new home where they can live and prosper. Upon landing they found out that the planet is under constant war as the other races that have inhabited the planet strive to be supreme.
  • GamerIncognito

    Just love clicking on a link to the “homepage” of a game, and finding everything BUT the game I am looking for.

  • wapak

    when 2029 game back?!

  • ujhgfd

    whered the game go?

  • Polgin

    Game is no longer active. should be taken off list of mmo games or at least put on a list of games that are no longer aviable