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    Text Based Fantasy

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4D has been online for over 6 years now, and has a stable playerbase, a reliable server and four expansive and unique worlds each covering a different time period; including over 170 all original zones, all with tons of quests, puzzles and challenges. Our development team has also performed a major overhaul and update of the code and world, making it fresh, original and filled with more new features than I can list here.4D is totally free to play, although we have more features than many Pay-to-play Muds.We have a rather unique 8 classed 4-tiered Remort system, allowing you the choice of either spreading your skills out over several Classes or specialising in one Class to reach perfection in it. This means that your char will grow in strength and power each time you remort.

With bonuses for each class you reach 4th tier of specilisation in. And a super class available when all 8 classes have been completed. The fighting system is both event and skill-based , allowing you to develop the combat strategies that best fit your playing style and the target you are attacking as the denizens of the game can learn the skills you have too. The Spellcasting classes are really powerful, and vastly different from Fighter and Rogue Classes. Spellcasters fight barehanded, using orbs or staves to focus their powers and with hundreds of different spells and spell variants to choose from.

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