7 Days to Die Alpha Preview

REVIEW By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor) If you’ve followed my articles for any length of time, you’ll know I’ve been one of the front runners pushing that zombies are the new “It” marketing tool in the ...
  • don t play this game

    Doesn t worth it s price, believe me.


      lol its the best game! to much money! 😀

  • Dawlish1

    epic i like it and i like minecraft so that is teh SAME!

  • antonio

    how do i download

  • ArchRaziel

    Hey guys, what do you reckon the age rating would be for this game :p

  • rhzzx2001

    can I have a free key

  • gilberto

    its a rip off $35.00 for the game wtf

  • arctic


  • southpole

    its 24.99 on steam now, thank god they reduced the price it was a little outragious. But with friends its pretty much worth it. Still a little overboard

  • Bossmann

    make it free or forget it i pay for 2 games already.. i refuse to ever play for a game again period! i am willing to buy accessories but i am not paying millions of dollars for games not at all…. so make it free or trash it, it is not worth paying for. i have watch its play extensively as it is intresting …its not as good as 3 others i already play for free.

    • Jordán


    • Commenter

      True. I think that the game is overpaying to just pay 24.99$ for a game, you could download! Its outrageous! Make it free, or Steam will be contacted for scamming. Cause i paid 2 times for the game, and it STILL. DOESNT. RUN!

  • Rhi Morris

    I’m getting it for my birthday August 3 red can any help me I’m only 11 but I lurn quick

  • giorgi davituliani

    and its free online? are you sucking?

  • helldog

    what up

  • maickel


  • Zac Paterson

    its should be sold free for the state it is at now and later progrees put a price tag on it ngive the fans a flovour to tast of the game and then put some price tags on it or give them a time demo that they could play or keep it free the whole time and put add ons in that acost money

  • hellhond

    its awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee