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8-Bit Armies is a buy to play 3D real-time strategy game developed by Petroglyph for PC intended for release in Spring 2016. The game is intended to take a more lighthearted approach to strategy games with its simple, but vibrant graphics and easy-to-understand mechanics. If you've felt out of place in the more hardcore strategy games then you just might find a home in 8-Bit Armies.


Offline Campaign: Singleplayer mode contains 25 different offline campaign missions to play by yourself.

Dedicated Multiplayer: Dedicated servers support multiplayer and skirmish matches on 10 different maps for you to test your skills on.

Beginner Friendly: 8-Bit Armies can be quickly picked up by anyone due to its comprehensible military units and structures.

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Game Videos

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    September 21st is the big day, where RTS title 8-Bit Armies moves onto PS4 and Xbox One. A physical PC version will also launch on this date. 8-Bit Armies

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    8-Bit Armies has stand-alone content coming in the form of 8-Bit Hordes! Check it out right here!

  • 8-Bit Armies Development Teaser

    Petroglyph Games reveals a new RTS in their arsenal: 8-Bit Armies, a Command & Conquer style game with a chunky graphical style.

Game Articles

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