9Dragons Promotional Trailer

9Dragons is a Free to Play MMORPG with fluid martial arts combat, lush environments, and intense PvP, set in Ancient China.

9Dragons Clan Video: League of Beggars

One of the White Clans is League of Beggars. Through accepting charity, helping those who face hardship, and giving noble purpose to those who find themselves lost or empty, the disciples of The League, although poor and often pitied, display all the noble characteristics of true heroes. They are the clan with the closest relationship to the common people.

9Dragons Clan Video: Sacred Flower

The Sacred Flower Clan was founded by a legendary female warrior, The Mistress of Chaos, when she was denied entrance to the male-dominated Shaolin Temple. These women know they are not equally matched with men as far as brute strength is concerned, and so Sacred Flower’s Kung Fu techniques are based on seduction, speed and illusion, reinforced with all manner of poisons and venoms.

9Dragons Clan Video: Brotherhood of Thieves

One of the clans from 9 Dragons is the Brotherhood of Thieves! The clan is an organization of thieves, robbers and brigands unified by a noble purpose: To overthrow corrupt officials and redistribute their wealth to the defenseless poor. Noble indeed, but their methodology has resulted in them being labeled a Black Clan in the eyes of Shaolin and Wu-Tang, and as outlaws wanted dead or alive by the government.
  • I can’t log in to the 9D! pls instruct me how can i get into the game?

  • Jon Garcia

    Website doesnt even load… this game was great back in the day! relic now, avoid this MMO if you can

    • Phoxy Bourgeois

      the game was dropped on the 15th it no longer exists

  • Phoxy Bourgeois

    as of February 15th this game no longer exists