Aerrevan – Great Ideas, Poor Execution


Aerrevan is a game filled with good ideas but lacks a decent enough execution to realize them. The good news is that patches are still being pushed out at startling regularity.

Aerrevan Interview: The Aer Will Change You


Aerrevan is set on the continent of Lurris, a world plagued by the imbalance of a magical essence called Aer. Aer is a lifeforce of sorts and was always in perfect balance, until the Baehoman meteor collided with Lurris, bringing excess Aer to the world. Many died either by having their lifeforce stripped from their bodies or by becoming infected with excess Aer, causing them to mutate. With the onset of Baehoman came an influx of magical beasts that were able to mutate and form from other creatures. Two men came forth with solutions to the Aer problem. Great Mage Vastellyn discovered a way to disenchant the Aer and remove it from Lurris entirely.

Aerrevan: Second Wave of Beta Announced


CubeForce Media has announced today that the second wave of Aerrevan beta testing will begin on September 8th, 2010. The second beta wave will introduce more players to the Aerrevan game world as well as include a larger beta area. CubeForce Media has also released a number of new ingame screenshots showing the game UI, combat, locations, and more.