Age of Armor Review: The Game Has Aged


Age of Armor is a client based MMORPG from Snail Games. The game follows the story of humanity going against its enhanced counterparts, the enhanced humans and neo humans. Your part in the game's grand scheme of things is to be an armor pilot, the game's version of a robot/mech pilot, of your chosen race and planet.

Age of Armor Review: Just PvP Really


Society has advanced, so has our thinking of mechs. So much even that SnailGame created Age of Armor, a game based around the automatons.

Age of Armor Death Match Recruit Arena

ARTICLE Death Match Recruits Arena

Scientists sent a satellite to ice planet to develop a new kind of poisonous and caustic gas. Unfortunately, an unknown kind of gas leaked out, researchers had to leave the planet, leaving the abandoned satellite suspending on the planet. After many years, some brave

Age of Armor Wings of Dream Now Come True

ARTICLE Wings of Dream Now Come True

After several weeks busy working, the Age of Armor now embraces it brand new item, wings of dream.

As the main story of Age of Armor continues, the human beings had acquired the transforming technology from the Mystery Daron Legion, and been using those tech for
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