Alganon Live on Steam

ARTICLE Quest Online today announces that Alganon, its long running MMO game, is now live on Steam.   First released as Beta in late 2009, Alganon was officially released in mid-2010 and has continued to...

Alganon MMO Game Now Subscription Free Announced

Alganon has converted to a Subscription Free MMOG and in April 2010 a new Tribute Market System, instances and numerous other enhancements will be released. Alganon continues to offer a great new and growing true persistent fantasy world for gamers to enjoy.

QOL engaged Alganon as a Soft Launch in December for the purposes of refining the product and getting in-tune with the industry and player needs. There were two key things to do; refine the game, and review Alganon's position in the market. QOL held back all marketing during the new year because many AAA titles taking the spotlight and determined the best course of action for Alganon's success in 2010 was to convert to Subscription Free and build a new Tribute Market System for the players. QOL is moving out of the Soft Launch phase of Alganon into full Official Release on April 8th and introducing the Tribute Market System.

Alganon Interview: What Is All The Hubbub?


Alganon slowly picked up steam as 2009 unfolded, keeping its subscribers happy and content. It has already been a few months since the games soft launch and we here at OnRPG got the opportunity to talk to the busy people of Quest Online to give us the scoop with what's up with the game.