Altis Gates Review: Well Blended


Altis Gates (not the Japanese car) is a new 2.5D MMORPG that's set in a world similar to that of a JRPG (Japanese RPG). Aside from the anime rendered PCs and NPCs, you'll notice that the monster references, as well as the background schemes resemble the modern "Tactics JRPGs" that we know and love. There are tons of familiar elements in this game, which makes it rather refreshing. The story revolves around the land of Altis where Humans, Elves, and Borgs have learned to prosper after  300 years of war (my, that's a pretty long time). The best part about this game is that they actually managed to implement some storytelling. It's not the best on the market, but I do appreciate the effort. Anyway, Altis Gates has got some interesting features, so let's not waste time.

Altis Gates Interview: What to Expect


The story of Altis begins with the Golden Age of the Gods and continues through to the Silver Age dominated by the Gaea Giants. Then the Humans and Elves were born and civilization was established with the construction of the magnificent Altis City during the Copper Age. The differences in cultures and ideologies between the two races brought about conflicts that escalated into a full-scale war that lasted for centuries. Amidst the chaos, the Borgs were created. Just when the 3 races finally came to see the foolishness of their actions and agreed to make peace with each other, the Shadowy Dragon that once ruled the sky of Altis woke from its slumber.

Altis Gates: Delve into the World of Shapeshifting


Altis Gates has recently wrapped up its closed beta. While the gates to Altis are now temporarily closed in preparation for the next beta phase, the game made quite an impression on all the brave warriors who explored its wonders.

Altis Gates goes into Beta


Is IGG getting it's testphases confused? Even though they call it an Alpha test, they are inviting players to it already AND players will be allowed to keep their characters after the test is over. Sounds like a Beta test to us!

Altis Gates Particle Effects Take 2.5D to the Next Level


The graphics of the game utilize advance techniques such as effect engine and particle collision dynamic editor technologies, creating the 2.5D presentation of the game on a 3D graphic engine to fully reflect the benefits of particle effects rendering technology.