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  • Developer:
    Kajak Games

  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Strategy

Ancestory is a 3D turn-based CCG being developed by Kajak Games where players will build their own deck of cards and wage war with opponents over totems in 1v1 matches. Battles will be waged on the top of a giant golem with gorgeous visuals. Players will build their custom deck of cards before matches are fought which will be made up of tribesman that need summoned and spells that can be cast. Players can fight against AI opponents to hone their skills or dive headlong into online matchmaking, inviting their friends to play against them if they so choose.


Unique Concept: How many other CCGs let you fight against your opponents on a battlefield resting on top of a golem?

Strategical Choices: Will you freeze your enemy in place with a spell card or summon up a fierce warrior to do your bidding?

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