World of Tanks Pre-Order Take Off

ARTICLE is glad to announce that the pre-orders are now open for World of Tanks. Players can select from one-of-three exclusive pre-order packages: Heavy, Medium and Light. Players purchasing the World of Tanks pre-order package till April 12, will gain access to gold available for a limited-time special price and one of the unique tanks. These exclusive tanks are one-of-a-kind vehicles, each of them possessing unique powers that will allow their owners to benefit from the very first battles.

Angels Online: Spotlight on Rare Pet Eggs


Angels Online is an MMORPG that stresses friendship and companionship, so it’s no wonder pets is such an essential element of the game. Skill-laden pets are armed with special (and sometimes deadly) abilities that help their masters quickly rise through level after level. Players invest a lot of attention and care in these loyal companions.

Angels Online: Building Bonds with New Year Food Fest


The New Year signifies a new beginning and new challenges one must face and overcome to grow stronger. In Angels Online, even adventuring Angels have obstacles to deal with. A minor crisis is currently vexing the Angel Lyceum as their annual New Year's Food Fest extravaganza, a social event for chefs and food-lovers alike, faces possible cancellation due to short supplies of Super Seasoning.

Angels Online Gryphon Mounts Arrive!


There are some who have yet to hear of the Gryphon, which is revered by the Aurora Faction both as a guardian and as a symbol of speed and power in Angels Online.

Two Grand Fiesta Events in Angels Online


Since the Candy Land updated to Angels Online, the number of players has reached an all-time high. With Halloween just around the corner, the forums are abuzz as angels wonder what tasty treats the AO team has in store for the game's loyal fans. If it's cool items and mounts you want, then you're in luck during the Halloween Grand Fiesta! Here's a sneak peek at two events no Angels Online player will want to miss.

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