Antaria Online

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    Antaria, LLC

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Antaria Online is a free-to-play, cross-platform MMORPG developed by Antaria, LLC and is available to download for PC and Mac on Steam. In Antaria Online players find themselves washed up on the shores of a far off island, unknown to anyone but those there. The island is filled with monsters, meaning you'd better be ready to fight an uphill battle if you want to become a hero in this new land. Will you go from zero to hero in this new land?


Character Jobs: Every character begins with the job of Adventurer, but as they gain experience they will be able to change jobs with new job releases like the Bandit job.

Board Battles: Throw dice to move your Dicers around the battlefield while eliminating monsters and avoiding traps in the process.

Great Plans: More zones are intended to be released in the future that will increase the level cap and come with new monsters, quests, and loot as well! There are also plans for future job releases so you have more choices for specializing your character.

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