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  • Developer:
    Tim Conkling

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    Other, Strategy

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Antihero is a single/multiplayer strategy game set in a 19th century Victorian London. Lead a band of never-do-wells and become the greatest and most feared gang in the city, available for Windows.


Crime Always Pays: Steal valuable properties and vital resources.

Thief of Many Talents: Focus on learning the game through the single-player campaign, play-and-go with asynchronous mode, or go live on the ranked ladder.

Throwing Shade: Hire thugs, burgle mansions, start gangs, upgrade your guild, and hire street urchins to gain control.

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    Antihero, a digital board game by Versus Evil set in a Victorian underworld, is now available on mobile platforms for $4.99/€5.49/£4.99. The game featur

  • Antihero Trailer

    Build from the ground up the most powerful and feared thieves guild in a late 19th-century themed Victorian town!

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